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How to use a diffuser with your hairdryer

12 Jan

Diffusers will generally just clip on or attach to the end of the hairdryer.  Some people may have diffusers that dont fit, so then you just need to use both hands to hold the hairdryer to the end of the dryer.  Once you have washed your hair with your chosen products and conditioner, then you apply styling products and anti frizz products as normal.

how to use a hairdryer diffuser

creating curls with a hairdryer diffuser

What you then do is weave the hairdryer into the hair and put the diffuser on low, and leave it there for around 40 to 45 seconds and just hold it there. You dont want the hair to be completely dry as you want some dampness in it as that way the curl holds well and wont just fall flat when you apply your styling products.

You follow the advice all the way around the head, generally holding it for 45 seconds, but if your hair is a littler bit longer, you can twist it up and hold the hair inside the hairdryer diffuser, like a cup.  You can also use the dryer, not only against the end of the diffuser, but all the way around the diffuser, which will add a little bit more heat and air hitting the curls. You always want to make sure that the hairdryer power is on low, and the heat is on warm, otherwise it will get to hot and may burn your scalp!



Parlux 3800 Professional Hairdryer Review

11 Jan

I have the good fortune to use professional hairdryers in my salon on a daily basis and so feel like I am in a good position to help others who may be looking to purchase a hairdryer for home or salon use. As we all know, the right hairdryer can make the difference between a great hairstyle and a good hairstyle, and also the difference between a quick blow dry and a long laborious drawn out blowdry.

parlux 3800 hairdryer

the BEST professional hairdryer

I have used many professional dryers, with my two favourites being ETI and Parlux as they are synonomous with quality and professionalism.  The latest purchase I have made has been for the 3800 version which is Ceramic and Ionic and claims to be environmentally friendly.  It is also said to the be the quietest professional hairdryer on the market, which does certainly appeal to me as I work in a noisy salon, so anything to help reduce the decibels is a good thing.  I also like the fact that it is crafted in Italy from recycled materials, including the packaging and the plastic that the hairdryer is actually made from, so not only can I dry hair quickly, I also know that I am doing a small part for the environment!

My first and over riding impressions when I opened up the box for the Parlux 3800 was how small and compact it was, and it was certainly lighter than my previous hairdryer. However, i was quite literally blown away (excuse the pun) when i turned it on, as it was at 2100 watts a very very powerful hairdryer. I was excited by the fact that it was as close to silence as a hairdryer can get, whilst there was still noise the built in hairdryer silencer did definitely make a difference. It has two switches, one which controls the temperature and the other the power, and when I had it set on maximum heat and power, I was overawed by his powerful hairdryer and its speed at drying. I felt like it had everything to offer, lightweight, power and compact in one very neat and tidy bundle. I also loves the fact that it came in four different colour choices, but I stuck with black as we like all our hairdryers in the salon to be the same colour.

So, would i recommend this hairdryer to others? the answer is a resounding YES. Not only is it ideal for professional salon use, but it is also perfect for people to use in the comfort of their own home as it allows you to create the smartest styles with ease and simplicity thanks to it’s powerful motor and high capacity airflow, making it in my opinion, the premier hairdryer on the market today!